Show News! We'll be playing on a really great rock 'n' roll bill @ Don Pedro on Friday, May 2nd! Scroll down to Shows section for all the deatils.


Some more reviews for LIFT-OFF!, this time from Audio Ammunition, round out 2013! Thanks!


Greg Mongrell has LIFT-OFF! at #6 on his Top 25 LPs for 2013 over at his blog, Blog Monster! Thanks!


Thanks to all who attended The Dickies' show @ The Note! Here's video of the majority of our set from the show:

The new album by The Thirteen, LIFT - OFF!, is available NOW On 12" colored vinyl (w/ 3 bonus digital tracks!) and as a digital download. LIFT - OFF! was mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL, FLAG).


The Thirteen
will be opening up for... THE DICKIES on Saturday, November 2nd @ The Note! Scroll down to the shows section for more info!


The Thirteen
record release show @ Long In The Tooth this past Saturday nite was a BLAST! Thanks to all who attended and also to those who bought the album! Special thanks to Nick and Long In The Tooth for having us! If anyone has any pics or videos from Sat nite, feel free to send 'em our way or post them yourselves!

Speaking of, we've already been bootlegged! Freedom Has No Bounds blog recorded our set from Saturday nite. We're famous! BLOG FAMOUS! ; )


The Thirteen play loud, raucous Rock 'N' Roll with plenty of melody and hooks. Think of all the bastard children of Chuck Berry from the Stones to the Faces to the Replacements on down and it will give you some approximation of what this power-pop trio is shooting for.

Back in 2007, the band was not much more than a studio project born of singer/songwriter Sal Cannestra's desperate desire to make music again after relocating to Philadelphia. He met up with Figgs bassist and producer extraordinaire Pete Donnelly who offered to put together a band to help bring Sal's songs to life. With the help of drummers Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains, Urge Overkill) and Matty Muir (U.S. Rails) as well as lead guitarist Joe Iacovella they recorded the band's debut, The Secret History of the Thirteen.

But no self-respecting band stays in the studio forever and by the record's release in Fall 2008, Joe and Sal wanted to bring these songs to the people. So they recruited kindred soul Peter Santa Maria (Jukebox Zeros) on bass and... well, let's say a short succession of various drummers, and started playing shows around Philly. A few more personnel changes in 2011 left Sal the sole guitar play but also saw the addition of Jack Kontes (The Flyswatters) as the band's first full-time drummer.

Summer 2012 found The Thirteen ready to record again. This time Peter handled the engineering himself and then placed the tracks in the hands of Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL, FLAG) for mixing and mastering. The resulting album, LIFT - OFF!, showcases 12 tunes brimming with garage rock urgency, laced with infectious riffs and more than its share of clever, heartfelt lyrics. The band will be playing up and down the east coast in support of this delicious slice of wax and look forward to winning over new friends every place they play.



Friday, May 2nd

The Safes

The Bamboo Kids

The Recordettes

The Thirteen

DJ Kevin Phillips spins thee very best vinyl between bands!


Don Pedro
90 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


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The Thirteen - LIFT-OFF!

1. You Don't Know [Just How Lucky You Are]
2. Outta My Mind
3. Sweetie Honey
4. Me, You, and Him
5. When It Happens To You
6. Bobby and Rose
7. See You Around
8. Steal That Song
9. Semantics
10. Moped Ride
11. Go Away!
12. Handclaps and Tambourines

(on digital download when you buy LP)
13. Barrytown (practice recording)*
14. Blue Heron Drive (practice recording)*
15. Moped Ride (campfire version)

* Lance Crow plays drums on tracks 13 and 14, 2011

The Thirteen - LIFT-OFF! LP (w/ digital download + bonus tracks)
$15 ppd

The Thirteen - LIFT-OFF! digital download only
The Thirteen - LIFT-OFF! album digital download via Bandcamp

The Thirteen - Secret History of The Thirteen

1. Pick Up The Sun
2. Same Stupid Mistakes
3. Compress The Dumbshit
4. Cold Water
5. City Gardens
6. Want It, Need It
7. Skin & Bone
8. Tick...Tick...BOOM!
9. Bubblegum Crisis
10. Yer Prog Rock Past
11. See You Soon

The Thirteen - The Secret History of The Thirteen CD
$10 ppd

The Thirteen - The Secret History of The Thirteen digital download only
The Thirteen - The Secret History of The Thirteen album digital download via Bandcamp


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